Pheromones at the service of biocontrol against harmful insects

A pheromone is a chemical substance comparable to the hormones emitted by most animals and by certain plants which acts as a means of communication between individuals of the same species.

The Scyll’Agro facilities contribute to the development and manufacturing of these pheromones in order to facilitate biological control methods resistant to insects.

Scyll’Agro is composed of a well-rounded team to carry out its mission, ranging from the development of pheromone synthesis pathways to the production of an effective formulation, as well as its corresponding trap.

Scyll’Agro responds to all types of requests, whether on a research scale (synthesis of small batches of pure or formulated pheromone) or on an industrial and commercial scale.


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Complexe du Bois Béarnais - 33, rue Lapeyrère - 64300 Orthez - France


your partner in biocontrol,

expert in synthesis and formulation of pheromones

for 15 years

Laboratoire de synthèse et analytique

Manufacturing laboratory and analysis

Pilote de chimie

Chemical Pilot Program


Formulation chain

Scyll'Agro's approach

Multidisciplinary approach geared towards the comprehensive management of destructive pests (IPM)

  • Pheromones and traps
  • Phytopathology & Agronomy
  • Decision making assistance
  • Services to farmers
  • Scientific engineering against the banana weevil
  • Engineering of sordinine 150 mg on gel.
  • Traps
  • Presence: West Indies, Canary Islands, and Ivory Coast

Our industrial unit at Peyrehorade

Our brand-new industrial building in Peyrehorade consists of 2 floors and 1200 m², allowing us to increase our production capacity of pheromones, to diversify our chemical formulations, and to integrate other biological control disciplines such as entomology and bacteriology.



+33 (0)5 59 38 41 69

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Complexe du Bois Béarnais - 33, rue Lapeyrère - 64300 Orthez - France

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