Our Approach

 Scyll’Agro has developed a multidisciplinary approach geared towards Integrated Pest Management in order to:

Minimize the impacts on the environment in lowering the use of pesticides;

Adopt a biological control strategy that is adaptable to the environment, to pest species, and their varying degrees of damage.

Piège Cosmo plus

Our Careers


The study and engineering of new pheromones;

The engineering of these pheromones and the fine tuning of their diffusers;

The improvement of various uses of the diffuser method;

The analysis and innovation of traps linked to the diffusers.

Our story

Scyll’Agro was born in 2007 from the passion for sustainable agriculture of two agricultural engineer brothers, Sébastien and Arnaud Bonduelle. They initially created a very small engineering unit in Béarn to design and manufacture biological products to fight against insects harmful to crops. Scyll’Agro thus enters a niche market which is composed of only fifteen laboratories in the world.

  • In 2008, Scyll’Agro made a name for itself on the export market with its flagship product, the CosmoPlus©, a pheromone diffuser to fight against the banana weevil.
    In the years following, Scyll’Agro expanded after the hiring of two doctors in chemistry, the acquisition of a manufacturing chain, and the integration of chemistry.
  • In 2019, the company was acquired by CGFI, an industrial group whose main business is the manufacturing of fertilizers. This integration allows the group to give a new dimension to its strategy.
  • In 2021, the team further expanded with new a management strategy, a chemical engineer, and a technician.
  • In 2022, a new industrial building with 2 floors and 1200 m2 was built in Peyrehorade, allowing the group to increase the production capacity of pheromones, to diversify its engineering, and to integrate other biological control disciplines such as entomology and bacteriology.
Notre histoire

A few members of our team

Sébastien Bonduelle,
R&D Director

Rémy Dartiguelongue,
Chemical Technician

Hubert Sevestre, Ph.D.
Head of the Chemistry Division

Christophe Bresse,

Guillaume Pont,
Chemical Engineer



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